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Omnipotence: Developing a Millionaire Mentality

February 27, 2022 Paul Tranter Season 1 Episode 3
Omnipotence: Developing a Millionaire Mentality
The Wealthness Podcast
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The Wealthness Podcast
Omnipotence: Developing a Millionaire Mentality
Feb 27, 2022 Season 1 Episode 3
Paul Tranter

At the beginning I told you success is a formula ... it is! 

To attain those dizzy heights you need to mature the right mindset. If you are to have a millionaire lifestyle, you need a millionaire’s attitude. You need to develop a laser beam focus, the kind of unswerving mettle needed to become unstoppable. 

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At the beginning I told you success is a formula ... it is! 

To attain those dizzy heights you need to mature the right mindset. If you are to have a millionaire lifestyle, you need a millionaire’s attitude. You need to develop a laser beam focus, the kind of unswerving mettle needed to become unstoppable. 

It’s Taken Me Twenty Years to Become an Overnight Success!

 I am living testament that anyone can do anything … That means YOU!

Today, I’m going to reveal how YOU can go on to get your very own keys to your very own Super-car, your own big house, your very own Super-yacht … In fact, you know what? Over the next 12 months I am personally going to drag you kicking and screaming along your very own journey towards TOTAL PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Success is a formula

To attain those dizzy heights you need the right attitude. If you are to have a millionaire lifestyle, you need a millionaire’s attitude. You need to develop a laser beam focus, the kind of unswerving mettle needed to become unstoppable.

You are already on the road. To help develop your millionaire mentality you need to become as addicted to achieving your goals as you were to your old way of life.

I’m going to teach you a very powerful method taught by a doctor friend of mine for training your subconscious to want the same things as your conscious.

I explained in The Omniscience Principle that the subconscious a primeval instinct and logic is an alien concept. It is a fail-safe mechanism put in place to help you survive and it’s done a sterling job these last twenty million years! It’s an odd contradiction that what you think you want is not necessarily what your subconscious wants and it will fight you at every opportunity!

For years I ‘thought’ I was focused; I thought I wanted the best from life and I had even set myself the goals.

The problem was that at the time, I firmly believed that we are all blessed with an equal amount of good and bad luck and success was ultimately dependent upon whichever force was in play at the time.

When things were going well I would always tell myself: “it won’t last. The bubble will burst; this is your share of the good luck and you are using it up. It won’t be long before bad luck rears her ugly head”.

When something went wrong, as it inevitably would, it mealy served to confirm my belief. When disaster struck and my world came crashing down I was quietly vindicated; I wore this sense of smug satisfaction for a couple of days because I had proven to myself that I was right!

Although I desperately wanted to achieve my goals I was walking around with a self destruct button that was pushed each time things went well. A little voice would say “this can’t last forever” – so it didn’t!!!

I still believe that we are blessed with good and bad luck, but now realise LUCK HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCCESS.

You may think it’s OK to jump off a 300 foot bridge connected to a flimsy piece of elastic.

You may be fully aware that at the last minute the cord will tighten and you’ll spring back up to safety.

But what does your subconscious have to say about all this???

This is not natural!

Noooooo, no, no, noNot a chance mate! You’re going to leap off this solid old bridge, a great piece of engineering; you’re going to leap into the ether where the effects of gravity will take over. Immediately, you will start to accelerate rapidly toward the ground where, just before reaching terminal velocity you will be smashed to smithereens. There’s going to be blood and guts spread over a 30 meter radius. We can’t have that now can we?”

So you see that it’s very common for your subconscious to disagree with your conscious. This is a very healthy relationship in everyday life and stops you getting into all sorts of trouble. The problem occurs when you have decided to change your life.

Hopefully, you totally agree with everything I have said thus far and have made a conscious decision to move on – problem is no one has told your subconscious and it sure as hell is going to fight you all the way – unless you can teach it to accept the changes you plan.

Fortunately for you, if you talk to your subconscious often enough it will eventually accept your changes and when it does you will become totally focused.

All sounds a bit cranky eh? When I first heard that, my immediate reaction was: “what a load of shite!”

Luckily, I am the sort of person who will always try something before I pass judgment. After all, if you haven’t done it or tried it how can you possibly know what you are talking about?

You actually talk to your subconscious constantly, it stalks your every decision! It’s that little voice which answers when you ask yourself a question. It is the one that used to tell me my luck was about to run out; the one that caused chaos.

We’ve all been driving and gone into a daydream. Suddenly, you come to and realise you’ve driven several miles around twisty roads without thinking about it. Have you ever been playing a sport or computer game and suddenly drifted off? You go into autopilot. Your subconscious takes over and the odd thing is, that whilst you were away with the fairies it did a better job than if you had been concentrating hard.

Top sports people try to attain this autopilot state when competing, it’s called The Zone. They let their subconscious take over, they relax and find that their body and mind become more harmonized with the game.

You are back on the bridge again. The safety instructor, a consummate professional, says: “you’re ready then, everything’s been checked several times and you are OK to jump. Are you happy?”

‘Yep, fine, not a problem and I haven’t a care in the world, let’s go,” you reply.

Then that little voice pops into your head. “Hold on right there. No you’re not ready, what happens if the instructor has made a mistake. What if he hasn’t secured the straps. What if the bungee has been stretched too many times in the past. What if they have miscalculated?”

You try to convince yourself it’s all going to be alright but listen to what you are doing. Your conscious and subconscious are having a conversation, a healthy conversation granted; they are debating whether you will still be around in thirty seconds!

We were never designed to dive off a cliff and free fall 600 feet, headlong towards guaranteed death … that’s for the birds!

To achieve this totally foreign action we have to overcome every single impulse hard-coded into our mind to ‘stay safe’.

Each time you you lean forward to jump and invisible force grabs at your soul and pulls you back, it’s a gut-churning feeling; you can’t put your finger on it but for some reason you just can’t step off … and if you’ve never done a jump, try it … and if you have no intention of trying it it’s because your subconscious is telling you it’s probably a pretty stupid thing to do!

You eventually overcome your fears and jump, much to the disgust of your poor old subconscious, but it was a long conversation you had with yourself before you consciously disagreed with what your instincts were saying.

And once you’ve finished the plummet and the dust settles where your forehead just glanced the sand and the bungee bounces you to safety. your subconscious immediately is reassured – panic wanes and the adrenaline kicks in; it bursts through you flesh and explodes, the euphoria is staggering and old subconscious wants to do it again!

It’s when that little voice says: “yes, it really is OK to jump and I have complete confidence in the instructor and the equipment”. There will be NO HESITATION, no objections and you will jump in an instant.

This is called ‘congruence’ and it is what we are looking to achieve. It means that ‘what you want’ is the same as what you ‘think you want’ and all your actions are working in harmony to achieve it. It is then that you are said to be congruent. Every part of you, soul, body and mind will be working towards the same goal.

How do we convince our subconscious to agree with what we consciously want?

If I could take you now through time and space from your world to where your dreams are, I can assure you that you would instantly experience the old ‘flight or fight’ response to some degree. On the conscious level you may be absolutely delighted with your new life, but the little old voice is screaming: “what the hell’s going on?

“Can I really afford the new villa; do I have money for the yacht, can I support all this, what if, what if? …”

Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google, heard of it? A couple of self-confessed computer nerds who have hit Internet pay-dirt. When Google floated on the stock exchange it was immediately worth, in the region of $21Billion!!! Google employees became overnight millionaires.

After around seven years it’s valued, at the time of writing, around four times that: $1BzillionGazillion … a lot!

How do you think they would react if, when they first set out, a vision of their future was played?

In a documentary recently it was said that their greatest concern is the pressure of not only the $120 odd Billion fortune they have amassed IN JUST SEVEN YEARS! … but the ‘social responsibility of changing the world’.

I think that’s enough to scare the shite out of anyone … but they’re coping, bless their little cotton socks!

Your future?

It’s a bigger place, with even bigger worries.

The fear is something that never fully goes away, you just learn to control it. Many top performers experience the same degree of stage fright as they did on their opening night.

At least in your comfort zone now you are familiar with the problems that you encounter and are reasonably confident you can deal with them … the fear for you is the problems not in your world that you are not sure you’ll be able to deal with.

Behind the scenes in your future world, your brain will be frantically placing everything into a new order and it wouldn’t be long before everything settled down and you became congruent again in your new place. Your subconscious would become happy and eventually agree that this new environment isn’t so bad after all.

So you see, it’s easy to force the subconscious to adapt through experience. It is a fast learner, BUT … you are not in a position to do that, you aren’t where you want to be … yet. So you must teach it that things are going to change. By doing this the voices will accept the change as if it were happening now.

You take a rational decision, on the conscious level, to leave your job if you have one, and set up on your own. That little voice begins nagging away!

“Who’s going to pay the mortgage if this fails, how are we going to pay the bills if it goes wrong, how am I going to afford to put food in the baby’s mouth, what if I don’t make a success of it, what if, what if???”

Sometimes, the self doubt created by the subconscious can become so unbearable and overpowering that the only respite is to crawl back into the sanctuary of the comfort zone.

The biggest obstacle on this planet to your success is that voice; your inner dialogue.

If The Machine hadn’t drummed into you that it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, you would have no fears about stepping out. You have been bombarded from a very early age that success is for others. Put your head above the trench and it will be shot off. You have been told a billion times in a million different ways that it is better to be a cog in the machine than to break free … that little voice of yours has begun to believe it too.

They forgot to tell you that to be rich AND happy is best of all!!!

It is important to understand the balance you’re trying to achieve at this stage. You mustn’t jump headlong into the abyss because you agree with what I say and the fire inside you burns hot. Your determination is now driving you, pushing you to get out of your zone at all costs.

Do not phone your boss right away and tell them to ram their rotten job where the sun don’t shine, as you will surely fail … those bills still need to be serviced.

We are establishing a game plan today. Any old fool can throw themselves into the Grand Canyon in countless different ways, it takes precision planning and preparation to ensure your rocket bike lands safely on the other side.

Yes, you are going to step out, right out, further than you could imagine, but it will be a measured responsible action. First we must align our thinking on all levels.


This is how we talk to our subconscious:

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